Digital vs. Acoustic Piano – Which Should You Buy?

There is no doubt that both the digital piano and the acoustic piano have different benefits that can help you

5 Reasons to Get Your Own Digital Piano

Still undecided whether to buy a digital piano or not? Well, we all know how great it is to be


Do you love music as much as we think you do? Do you have a burning passion for making incredible melodies that release your inner thoughts and feelings? Are you interested in immersing yourself into the wonderful world of music? Or do you simply need to find a good piano for someone who wants to play the instrument?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to PianoStissimo.

Here, we understand how important music is, and how essential it is to our daily lives. We can’t escape music; it is everywhere. You can hear it on the radio or on TV – you might even have a couple of songs in your phone. Step away from all forms of technology and you’ll still hear music in nature. You can hear the birds singing, you can hear the rivers rushing, and the leaves as they’re swaying. Even the beating of your heart is musical.

And so, as human beings, it is natural for us to be interested in the sounds we hear around us. We’re musical creatures. With our voice, we can make patterns and beats. With the proper instruments, we can make amazing songs that entertain others as well as ourselves. There’s no escaping music, so why not just go ahead and embrace it?

Here at PianoStissimo, we’ll help you do just that. How? Well, we can provide the so-called “proper instruments” that you can use to practice and master the craft. But we’ll focus on pianos in particular.

We love pianos. They’re easily one of the most expressive musical instruments out there. With all those keys lined up in a pattern, you can tell that they were made to produce a wide variety of sounds and notes. There’s an entire spectrum of emotion that can be expressed through this instrument. Just imagine all the possible compositions you can make through different combinations and rhythms. Change the tempo, strike all the right keys – in no time at all, you’ll have a song you can call your own.

On this site, you’ll hear a lot about digital pianos, because they are truly useful. They are incredibly convenient, considering how small and portable most of them are. That means if you get past the beginner level, or get somewhere over intermediate, you can get enough confidence to play in local gigs and actually start a music career – and your digital piano can tour the world with you. Most of them can fit nicely into your car – something you couldn’t do with a grand piano, no matter how good they sound.

Here you’ll find reviews on some of the best models, as well as a couple of buying guides to help you get started. It’s no secret that we have a knack for choosing the best of the best, so you can be confident that the models listed on this site can serve your purposes well. Feel free to check out our articles, reviews, and guides if you want to get in touch with your musical side. It’s in our nature – might as well enjoy it.